The Suits Game


We all like to save a little money, and we all like to learn something new! As such we’ve decided to create our own little game which we like to call “the Suits Game” it’s a simple game really, all you have to do is read our blog posts and find the symbol! Each symbol has a “%” value, this percentile value is specific to the product mentioned in that particular blog post. So if we look at our wonderful blog post of MBD we find we mentioned REPTI-CALCIUM, that particular item would be the item deal. So keep your eyes open and sharp because not every blog post will have a suit for your needs.

It’s not enough to identify the suit of the particular blog post and to know which product (or sometimes products!) are found within our blog post you will be questioned about the blog post itself to see exactly how much you’ve learned from it. That way you can apply your knowledge, test yourself and reap the benefits of your hard efforts!

The following suits have a numerical percentage, and this chart can be referred to so you know exactly how much you will be saving:

Hearts (the symbol, “♥”) will be used to indicate all items mentioned in a blog post are 10% OFF!
Spades (the symbol, “♠”) will be used to indicate all items mentioned in a blog post are 15% OFF!
Diamonds (the symbol, “♦”) will be used to indicate all items mentioned in a blog post are 20% OFF!
Clubs (the symbol, “♣”) will be used to indicate all items mentioned in a blog post are 25% OFF!

*All EXPIRATIONS occur a week after the blog post has been posted when a particular suit and product has been added! So be sure to be attentive and don’t allow these good deals and prices go to waste!*

So before we end this post, we would love to know what SUIT are you? Below we will describe a suit and if that matches you leave a comment bellow and let us know! We want to know which suit you are! Now, because we ARE a pet store it’s important we try to tie animals into this, so each suite also has a ‘category’ of animal. These categories tie into our OWN store. At the end of this blog post there will be a very important question to answer dependent on your suit, so be sure to answer it!

Leave a comment below letting us know your suit and your animal of choice in the respective category and actively join our community! Tell us a story about birds if you are Person of Spades, or maybe about fish if you are a Person of Hearts.

People of Hearts are often passionate and spiritual people who put ideals into practice. They are creative and powerful. People of Hearts can also describe someone who is more sensitive than others. Often times People of Hearts are generous, affectionate and some of them can be described as having ‘hearts of gold.’ In some cases this suit is more suited for people who are emotionally stable and independent. It can also represent someone who is shy or a person who isn’t afraid to speak their mind without apology. THE FISH IS THE ANIMAL OF HEARTS!

People of Spades are sometimes called hot headed. Though this certainly those describe some People of Spades it’s more accurate to say People of Spades are aggressive, which can sometimes tie into hot-headed nature. People of Spades are often intelligent and proud people. They can be egotistical, macho and confident; very few things can get them down as they seem to barrel through life. They know what they want and they take it, because of this some can be sneaky–doing anything to get on-top. Some are introverted, hard to express their feelings. They are the people who get things done. THE BIRD IS THE ANIMAL OF SPADES!

People of Diamonds can be materialistic, enjoying the finer things in life. They are often hard headed, stubborn and successful. They have a strong head for business. Many are kind and resourceful. They can be intense people to be around, but they are genuine and trustworthy friends. People of Diamonds are often goal-oriented and with a strong disposition. They can also be friendly and creative. THE REPTILE IS THE ANIMAL OF DIAMONDS!

We’ve all met the People of Clubs, the jokester. Someone who doesn’t seem to take life seriously; however just because People of Clubs might make light of certain things, it doesn’t mean they can’t take things seriously. They are often the center of attention using their charms (whether joking or nice smiles) to reel people in. They often confident, intelligent and in many cases knowledgeable about various things. People who are eccentric are perfect for the suit of clubs. People of Clubs often play fair and work hard. Despite People of Clubs being the clowns, many are also tough as nails. With their clownish ways it’s no surprised they are passionate and confident people, with strong beliefs and high values. They tend to get the last word in argument wise and they some of them are said to be ‘know-it-alls.’ THE SMALL ANIMAL IS THE ANIMAL OF CLUBS!

Can you name ONE of our animals in THE TRAVELLING ZOO that fits your suit and animal category? Leave a comment on our blog post or on Facebook page with this blog post specifically mentioned within the next week and you get 10% OFF a single item within that respectable category (example: THE REPTILE IS THE ANIMAL OF DIAMONDS; 10% OFF a single item in the reptile section!)


One thought on “The Suits Game

  1. I’m a Heart! My friend use to have a pet goldfish that was huge, well for a child, and one day going to my friends house it was feeding day (I didn’t know) and I remember asking what does a giant goldfish eat? There was this cute little goldfish with the bigger one, the small one swam around and the big one was just motionless, I remember commenting on how cute they were together… until the bigger one ate the smaller one in seconds. I will never forget that day!

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