Green Cheek Conures



We just had three lovely Green Cheek Conures in the store and they sold quite fast. Green Cheek Conures are by far one of the most common and among the most widely loved and cherished of the small/medium sized parrot world. Not only do they have striking colours of greens, blacks, browns, blues, beiges and reds. With their small stature they are easy to handle and easy to tame, very quick to form strong and lasting bonds with all members of the household.

Though Green Cheek Conures are known for their abilities to mimic human speech, often times this vocalisation of words tend to be rough, squeaky and sometimes difficult to understand. They are perfect for apartments, though they can be quite loud when they want to be, they are known for their overall quiet voices, much preferring to whistle, squeak, chirp and communicate softer than other species of parrots.

Clownish, and sometimes described as mischievous, Green Cheek Conures are remarkably intelligent, and with proper training and daily handling this bird will not disappoint. Proper social interaction is important they can be quite aggressive to people they do not know and their little beaks have quite the bite behind it. They love to perform and love to entertain, and with their outgoing personalities it isn’t hard to see why they are so popular.

With their popularity came the rise of various colour mutations, ranging from cinnamons to pineapples, though the mutations can sometimes be hard to find at times the majority can be easily found and obtained.

This parakeet species is found in Brasil, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. Commonly found in woodlands and forests, living in relatively small flocks of 10-20, searching the land for food. Due to the difficulty of finding food (hence the small flocks) they tend to not be picky eaters, making it easy for you to feed them assorted greens, veggies, fruits and other interesting food elements.

Green Cheek Conures can live up to 30 years, though 10-20 years tend to be the average life span of this bird in captivity. They only reach about 10 inches, and their red gorgeous tail often makes up most of this length.

They make remarkable and loveable pets for any household. With their ability to mimic alongside their clownish ways they will keep you entertained and deeply enthralled. Great with children, with the supervision of parents, these birds will love nothing more than to make you laugh and cheer as they perform their tricks for you. Not as picky as other bird species they won’t mind taking a few things off your plate. Overall, Green Cheek Conures make marvellous pets–it isn’t hard to see why they are so popular.