Betta Fish

Betta fish are among one of the most desirable and favourite of fish pets, and why shouldn’t they be? They are considered low maintenance, can live in a bowl without an oxygen pump, a filter or a heater, and they don’t require a complex diet.

In this post we’ll explore the care for this rather hardy fish.

Betta fish are beautiful, and hardy fish, because of this they make wonderful starter fish for not only children but also for those who’ve never taken care of a fish. They don’t require much space or expensive equipment, but don’t let this rather simple fish fool you–they are an absolute joy to watch.

Unlike some other species of fish, the betta are unique in that they have a specially evolved organ which enables them to breathe air at the surface of the water, another reason why they can be placed in small bowls. In nature they are often found in small bodies of water, with poor oxygen in the water. Betta fish should not be kept in anything lower than a gallon of water.

They are highly personable, and can even be trained to eat from what is known as a “feeding wand.” As such, some people have taken the time to train their betta fish to go through hoops.

Betta’s live approximately 2-5 years, a good age for those who are looking for a pet for their children or perhaps to get them started in the hobby.

Just like any fish though, before you take one home, you should have the water properly conditioned. There are a variety of wonderful product companies that sell these bottles of conditioner. By conditioning the water you are removing from it any harmful substances and hard minerals that often pollute our tap water, this can kill your fish.

Although betta’s are simple fish and are easy to maintain (cleaning their bowls once a week, and changing the water once a week, feeding them once a day etc.) there are a variety of excellent choices in decoration, substrate (from gravel to sand) and foliages. These, unlike for larger aquariums, are relatively inexpensive, and can help brighten up the bowl. Along with excellent choices of decorations (from balls to mirrors) there is a wide assortment of betta fish aquariums suited to house one fish that may appeal to you. <a


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