Unwanted Pets

     It has been an interesting week around here my daughter and I were on our way to ship a bird to Winnipeg when I get a call can we take a puppy in at the store. After a few minutes of talking it turns out someone just dumped the puppy in an alleyway in a manner that should not be talked about. I have been thinking about what kind of person would decide that they want a pet, go to the trouble to find one and then dump it on the street. With all the love that a pet has to offer, they are there when you are feeling sick and they just seem to know what to do to pick you up. When you come home late they don’t get mad even if you go out with friends and come home late. So all I am saying is that when getting a pet be it a dog bird or reptile think first. do you have the time that it takes to give this pet a forever home do you know what the cost are do you know its needs how long it will live what kind o cage it needs how much space then think it over some more. If after all of the thinking you find that you have still made a mistake, person up and do the right thing find a rescue group that will find a new home for the pet not the streets or alleyways of your city


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