Who is Walking Whom By Wendy Maeots






Everyone wants a well behaved dog, but how do you get one?  From the day you bring a dog into your home, either as a puppy or an older dog, they are looking for leadership.  If you don’t provide that leadership, they will automatically assume that they are “in charge”.  It is important to pay attention to your dog’s behaviour on a daily basis and react consistently when they misbehave.  You need to be “firm” when they challenge your authority but, at the same time, you should never hit or yell at your dog.  It is also very important to spend time working with your dog because the more time and effort you put into your dog’s training, the better he or she will be.  While food (treats) is a great motivator, it should not be the only way you encourage your dog to behave.  Whether you are new to dog ownership or have had dogs in the past, working with a good trainer can help you to better understand your dog and accomplish your goals a lot sooner.  Dog training isn’t rocket science, it’s very logical.  If you learn to communicate with your dog in a logical and consistent manner, he or she will eventually learn ­listen and respect you.



Wendy Maeots is a dog trainer for Olympus Dog Training Academy and has successfully trained hundreds of dogs. and works out of The Urban Zoo Pet Store 


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