Kaytee Parrot Training Seminar

Kaytee Learning Center

You are invited to come enjoy the wonders of Birds and Small animals! While at the Center you can:

  • Walk through our Rainforest room and view our playful parrots
  • Bond with your Kids at one of our Fun Interactive exhibits
  • Learn about your favorite Bird or Small Animal
  • View and interact with Birds and Small Animals
  • Learn how you can Take Action and Make a Difference

While you are there, You are invited to attend an all day Parrot Training Seminar featuring Susan Clubb, a specialized exotic avian vet and Barbara Heidenreich, Professional Animal Trainer. Saturday October 6th, 8 to 5pm.

The Kaytee Learning Center is open to the Public! Admission is FREE!!!

The Kaytee Learning Center is located at:

585 Clay Street

Chilton, WI 53014


Welcome to the Urban Zoo’s Blog

More than half the homes in North America have pets. People seem to crave the companionship of nature in the confort of their own home, while feeling good about their ability to care for another living being.

At The Urban Zoo we share your love for pets and maintain the goal of offering only the healthiest pet stock, plus everything your pets need to help them feel confortable, safe and cared for.These blogs will be about the store and how we suggest you care for a pet